How I See My Job
As with any coach, my task is to guide and encourage you on your specific journey towards the goals you’ve asked for my help with. But as a courage and confidence coach, I see it as my job to push you out of your comfort zone as a means of achieving those goals more effectively.
That means you shouldn't expect working with me or my community to be easy or pain free. We do our best to keep the process fun, but success in life and personal development often means doing difficult things — either by facing uncomfortable emotions and mental/physical obstacles, or by putting in enough of the right kind of effort to achieve your goals — even when you’d rather be doing anything else.
You will be challenged. Your views will be questioned. You will be made uncomfortable for the purpose of growth. The unhelpful aspects of your ego will be crushed. You may even have a full-blown existential crisis (that's what a transformational experience actually feels like)! This kind of training is similar to learning a martial art. It's just as tough, and just as — if not more — useful.
There may be some moments where you do not like me, my assessment of your situation, or what I tell you to do. This is an expected part of the relationship (notice I said “moments” — if you consistently dislike me, that means we're not a good fit). Courage coaching will help you feel better about yourself overall, but it won’t always feel good moment-to-moment.
That said, you don't have to be tough to do this training — you only have to want to get tougher.
Are you ready for the challenge?
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